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SACCO Calendar of Events (2023)

>> Annual General Meeting (AGM) – The 24th KEMU SACCO AGM will be held on Sat, 11th March 2023, at the Main Campus Auditorium, from 9:00 AM.

>> SACCO Week (Household Products) – The household products offering will now be open for application four (4) times per year (at the end of every quarter of the year in March, June, September and December). The SACCO Week this trimester will run from 15th – 17th March 2023.

>> Sacco Trip – The plans for this year’s trip are underway. Tentative date: August 2023.

>> Group Membership – KEMU Sacco now allows for group membership (min 10 members – max 20 members). The group should be registered and have a certificate of registration, represented by the chairperson, the Vice Chairperson, the Group Secretary and the Treasurer.

Kenya Methodist University SACCO (KEMU SACCO) was formally established on 10th July 1997 as the culmination of efforts of Kenya Methodist University staff members who had a vision to come together and pool their financial resources to assist each other.

Over the years, the SACCO has grown, with its primary objective being to afford its members the opportunity to accumulate their savings, offer financial education and contribute to society through social responsibility activities.

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Our Vision

Our focus is to be the SACCO of excellence in the provision of innovative and competitive financial solutions.

Our Mission

Our aim is to mobilize and manage members’ resources by providing market-driven financial solutions in order to empower, achieve financial freedom and improve their welfare.

Our Driving Motto

Our rallying call is our slogan: “Together We Build One Another!”

New Products from KEMU SACCO !

The KEMU Sacco has introduced new products for our members!


Automobile Financing

We provide 80% financing for a new vehicle and 70% for a used vehicle, at an interest rate of 14% pa. The repayment period is 48 months. The processing fee is only Ksh. 1000/=.

This loan is not pegged on SACCO savings but valuation will be done by SACCO’s appointed agent.

Terms and conditions apply.

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Biashara Loan

This product is for members outside the common bond and one does not need a pay slip/not salaried. However, a bank statement of the member’s bank account should be attached, and the loan should be guaranteed by common bond members.

We give up to two times (2x) of one's savings, at a repayment period of 24 months, and an interest rate of 12%.

Terms and conditions apply.

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Group Lending

KEMU Sacco now allows for group membership (min 10 members - max 20 members), who can borrow upto two times (2X) of their contributions. Maximum amount is Kes 200,000.

Loan Application to be done by the Group Executive Committee.

Terms and conditions apply.

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If you want more details about all our new products, please click here to download the official flier.

To help you to save and grow your money, we offer a wide variety of products and services that are tailored to every member of our community.
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