The Manager

The Manager is appointed by the Management Committee and is responsible for the day to day operations of the Sacco society.

S/He ensures the implementation of and adherence to policies, procedures and standards, and that systems that have been established to facilitate efficient operations. The Manager also ensures the planning process that has been developed to facilitate achievement of targets and objective is adhered to and all staff matters, particularly human resource development and training are attended to.

S/He ensures adherence to the established code of conduct, compliance with the Co-operative Act, Regulations, Rules, by-laws and any other applicable laws.

The manager is supported by staff members who are hired on merit. The members of staff ensure that the Management Committee is frequently and adequately appraised on the operations of the Sacco society through presentation of relevant reports.

KEMU SACCO Management Staff – From left: Boniface Mutethia (Front-Office Manager), Mrs. Selmith Murugi (Sacco Manager), Mr. Bashir Gitimbu (Loans Officer)