Management Committee

The Management Committee is the governing body of the KEMU SACCO elected from the general membership and consists of nine (9) members who are non-executive. The Committee includes the Chairman, Vice chairman, Treasurer and Honorary Secretary all of whom are elected by the Committee from amongst its members.

Members of the Committee hold office for a period of three years provided that, one-third of the board members retire every year (but are eligible for re-election).

The Committee chairman presides at general meetings, Committee meetings and joint meetings with the Supervisory Committee, while the vice chairman performs the duties of the Chairman during his/her absence and such other duties as the Committee may direct.

The Honorary Secretary keeps minutes of the General Meetings, Committee meetings, as well as joint meetings with the Supervisory Committee. S/He also ensures that notices of the meetings are prepared and sent out, and that the Sacco society’s correspondence is promptly and correctly attended to.

The Treasurer generally manages the financial affairs of the society in a competent manner by ensuring that a proper record is kept of all monies received and paid out by the society, its assets, liabilities, capital reserve and its income and expenses and by ensuring the safekeeping of the society’s money, securities and books of accounts.

These are the members of the KEMU SACCO Management Committee:

From left: Mr. Benard Murithi (Vice-chairman), Mr. Franklin Kiome (Member), Ms. Elsy Kanana (Member), Mr. Kenneth Itonga (Member), Ms. Stella Wanja (Treasurer), Mr. Julius Muriki (Member), Ms. Geredine Kandie (Hon. Secretary), and Mr. Jason Anampiu (Chairman).